Alert! Temporary Road Closure

Map - FinalUPDATE: 400th Ave is now reopened for general traffic. Busses and vehicles over 6 tons will need to take the detour (see below).

Well, we’ve just had an interesting turn of events! 400th Street, Vino in the Valley’s access from Highway 10, has been closed indefinitely for repairs. A variety of weather and environmental factors (erosion from undergrounds springs) contributed to concern about one of the bridges that spans this part of road. This closure will only affect our visitors coming on Highway 10 from destinations west.

But never fear; there’s more than one way to get to Vino in the Valley…

Feel free to download our handy map by following the link below. We’ve outlined the “official” detour, as well as a few of the more scenic routes (and a few short-cuts only the locals know!).  You’ll find that none of them take you very far out of your way; and you may even find a shorter and more beautiful road that will become your preferred trek!

Download map here.

We will be receiving regular updates in the coming days as to the status of the road closure and repair schedule. We’ll be sure to keep you posted each step of the way! Please be sure to “like” our page on Facebook so that you will see our road closure updates come across your news feed. If you’re not on Facebook, then the next best way is to be sure your email address is included in our email database (sign up here).

It’s times like this that we’re especially grateful for you. Most businesses would be more than a little bit concerned when the main road to their business is closed unexpectedly. I’ll admit; we were in shock and a wee bit panicked when we first heard the news. But, we know our customers won’t let this stand in the way of their Vino visit!

We look forward to seeing you all real soon!

Larry and the Vino in the Valley Team