Announcing our New WeatherBug Special

01-01All this crazy rainy weather has had Larry glued to WeatherBug checking the latest forecast. As they say, you win some, you lose some… we’ve had some gorgeous days this season, and some downpours, too (thank goodness for those new motion vinyls!).

Well, if you can’t beat ’em then we’ll join ’em. We’re not going to let the weather keep us down, especially on Thursdays!

Introducing… Our WeatherBug Special!

Each Thursday afternoon at 3pm Larry will refer to his trusty WeatherBug. The chance of rain for 6pm that evening will become the discount off a house bottle of wine with the purchase of an entrée.

For example…
30% chance of rain = 30% off
60% chance of rain = 60% off
100% chance of rain = yep, that bottle of wine is free!

If we’re not going to be blessed with sunshine, we might as well drink wine, right? Keep your eye to our Facebook page this Thursday when we announce the evening’s discount!

(Only 1 discount per bottle per table. Ask for the “WeatherBug Special” when placing your order.)