Coming soon! Vino Over the Valley

Those who know me know I’m a pushover for a beautiful view.  One of my favorites, besides my own little piece of heaven here in the Rush River Valley, is an 11 mile stretch of State Hwy 95 between Fountain City, Wisconsin (the Mississippi river town) and the valley town of Arcadia. Referred to by the locals as “The Ridge”, it’s got a gorgeous view of the peaks and valleys of what is arguably one of the most beautiful areas in the state, Buffalo County.

I was driving that stretch of road earlier this spring with friends and we made a random stop at a place called Hansen’s Hold Up. We couldn’t stop marveling at the view. We chatted a bit with the owners and discovered the property was actually for sale.

Let’s just say, there was electricity in that moment. It was a feeling I recognized from before. It’s the exact feeling I had when the idea of Vino in the Valley was first conceived. Could we recreate a similar energy to Vino in the Valley above the valley?

We’re going to give it a try! For 20 years Guy and Nancy Hansen have served a mix of locals and travelers great food and drink accompanied by a breathtaking view. We plan to continue their tradition serving a casual menu at the original bar (working name is Larry’s Lookout).

Then Vino Over the Valley will be built adjacent to the existing bar, offering same “good vino, good view and good vibes” our guests have come to expect at our original location!

We’ll officially assume ownership on September 28 and begin building an open air pavilion similar to our original. We hope to open as Vino Over the Valley in April of 2018.

I can’t wait to invite you all down for a visit. Soon, regardless of whether you prefer your vino and views from up top, or down below, we’ll be able to offer both!