Open Air Solutions’ Motion Vinyls the Solution for Us!

We love our open air Pavilion here at Vino in the Valley; there’s nothing like enjoying a great meal and a glass of wine while taking in the spectacular views! But our dining arrangements make our guests vulnerable to quickly changing weather conditions. Wind, rain and unseasonably cool temps sometimes put a damper on our guests’ dining experiences, even though we did our best to make everyone comfortable, and they never seemed to let the weather ruin their great time!

Still, we’ve always been on the lookout for just the right solution, and we found it with Open Air Solutions and their Motion Vinyls. New for our 2015 season, we’ll be able to maintain our open air atmosphere, while also offering sun, wind and weather protection for our guests.

With the push of a button we can enclose our eating area should inclement weather roll in. We can also enclose the Pavilion for our Christmas at Vino in the Valley weekends, and keep our guests toasty warm, while still offering a clear view of the winter scenery! We’re so happy with our decision that we partnered with Open Air Solutions on a television commercial. Consider this your first glimpse of our new Pavilion accessory!

We think the commercial turned out pretty great, but you know what seems to be getting all the attention? You guessed it; the blooper reel! If you thought I would be a natural behind the camera I had you all fooled! But not to be outdone, Jeff from Open Air Solutions, made a few mistakes himself. Go ahead, laugh along with us…

We’re pretty excited about our Motion Vinyls from Open Air Solutions. Jeff and his team were extremely efficient with the installation, and the quality of my panels and their work is amazing. I can’t wait to show them off to our guests this season and invite you all to come see them for yourselves!