Vino in the Valley Featured on ‘Only in your State’ Website

For those of you new to the ‘Only in your State’ website, it’s a network of state pages that help its visitors discover new and exciting things to do in their own state or across the country. Vino in the Valley appearing on the Wisconsin page is nothing new, we’ve appeared in several “top 10” articles such as, These 10 Little Known Restaurants In Wisconsin Are Hard To Find But Worth The Search, Try These 10 Wisconsin Restaurants For A Magical Outdoor Dining Experience, and 10 Restaurants You Have To Visit In Wisconsin Before You Die. But we’ve never had a feature dedicated solely to us, and believe us when we say, this is a BIG deal!

They posted the article to their Facebook page and the post received almost 1000 ‘shares’!

Here are some of our favorite highlights of the article…

We’re so happy they chose to spotlight this photo!

And included a shout-out to our friends at Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery.

And referred to us as unpretentious. (why, thank you!)

Reminded us that we need to do the S’mores Bar more often!

And showed off how we like to wrap up our evenings around here. A great group of friends, a glass of wine, and a bonfire under the stars. Perfection.

To read the article in its entirety, visit here: The Secluded Restaurant In Wisconsin With The Most Magical Surroundings