Vino’s New Bar now has a Name

The idea for a separate outdoor bar area has been brewing in our minds for a while now.  People really enjoy being close to the vines and soaking in the beautiful surroundings!  We started construction on the new Vino in the Valley fixture on March 19 and it quickly began to take shape.

It really is a beautiful structure, if we do say so ourselves.  In true Vino-style, a cupola adorns the bar’s roof.  Interior accents of burned cedar add a warm and rustic feel.  Acid stained, diamond polished countertops of re-enforced cement are a classy touch to the bar’s top.  Complete with sandblasted Vino in the Valley logo and inlayed fiber optic lighting, the surface looks like a sky full of stars at night.

It’s been a popular attraction since its completion in early May.  As we suspected, the bar location is perfect for our guests to enjoy the vineyard and the surrounding valley.  There was just one problem; the bar had no name.  They say a bar with no name is a bar just the same, but we figured a name would make it feel more like part of the family. Thankfully we have some very creative minds among our many newsletter subscribers and Facebook followers!

The “Name That Bar Contest” began on June 1.  As expected, we had over 340 bar name suggestions (you can see the full list here).  A group of our staff members gathered to narrow the long list of submissions down to the top 5, which was a difficult and nerve wracking feat.  From there we opened up the final voting to our Facebook page followers; we turn to them first whenever faced with a difficult decision.

The voters came out in droves, the winning name was determined by 488 votes, and we announced the new name at our Summer Solstice Party on June 22.  The bar was officially christened Bella Sera.  We wish to thank everyone for contributing so many wonderful name ideas, especially Rita Lawton who suggested Bella Sera.  “You can’t find a more beautiful place than Vino in the Valley.” said Lawton. “Bella Sera just fits.”

And our owner, Larry Brenner, agrees.  “I love it! We wanted something that fit with Vino in the Valley but still felt like its own entity. Bella Sera is the perfect mix!”

For submitting the winning entry, Rita Lawton received $300 in Sun Country travel vouchers, a $50 Vino in the Valley gift certificate, and most important, everlasting bragging rights. “That’s the best part of the prize,” said Lawton.

If you have yet to visit Bella Sera, we invite you to spend an afternoon or evening with us to test out the ambiance for yourself.  We’re in the height of our summer season and our hours can be found here.  Enjoy a glass of wine or a beer at Bella Sera and dinner under the pavilion.  We also have some fun events and entertainment planned for the coming weeks.  Regardless of when you visit, you’re sure to have a wonderful time.